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May 08th, 2015

                                                             “Protecting TRS Revenues:Your Support will win the Day!”

A key issue involving the potential diversion of funds from revenues dedicated to the Teachers’ Retirement System to the state’s Educational Reform Revolving Fund (aka the “HB 1017 Fund”) for the purpose of gran...more

Civility in the Face of Strife for the Common Good by Rep. David Perryman
April 18th, 2015

In February 1861, Abraham Lincoln traveled secretly through Baltimore enroute to his inauguration. He had received only 1,100 of the more than 30,000 votes cast in the Maryland city in the preceding election. Baltimore was the home of the country’s largest African-American population, but also a large number of southern sympathizers.
 Lincoln’s unpublicized travel itinerary was based on the fear of an assassination plot and infuriated his political opponents. He was inaugurated in Washington on March 4, and the fabric of American politics had been stretched to its limits.
On April 19, 1861, a group of secessionists and supporters of slavery who ...more
Arnold Hamilton: Treating Education as an Investment, Not a Cost
April 03rd, 2015

~~Hamilton: Treating education as an investment, not a cost
By: Arnold Hamilton  Guest Columnist April 2, 2015 1 Comment

The thousands of teachers, administrators and public school devotees who rallied at the state Capitol this week no doubt departed with much uncertainty.
With the state facing a $611 million budget hole, would school funding take another hit this legislative session? Would teachers ever see another across-the-board pay hike? Would class sizes continue to explode?
Amid the uncertainty, though, one thing was clear: First-year state Superintendent Joy Hofmeister is a rock star in the eyes of...more
FEDS Limit Control of Local School Spending - Editorial from the Lawton Constitution
September 04th, 2014
Disappointing, but not surprising, news was received last week. On Thursday, the state learned that repeal of Common Core education standards last legislative session put into motion the process that will restrict the use of $29 million in federal education funds for the 2015-16 years. The Obama administration’s Department of Education made the announcement.
It wasn’t surprising because the possibility of losing control of spending was noted during the debate last spring. The repeal of Common Core may have a long-range impact and unintended consequences on the economic growth of our state.
Keep your eye on it.
Common Core standards were devised from an the in...more