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Public Schools Cope with Avalanche of Mandates, Rep. Cannaday Says Stigler Teacher Asks for Trust
March 26th, 2014
~~OKLAHOMA CITY – The education rally planned at the State Capitol on March 31 is needed to focus public attention on the crises “our public schools are experiencing,” state Rep. Ed Cannaday said Tuesday.
            Oklahoma’s 517 public school districts are “operating under a 2008 funding level and an avalanche of unfunded state and federal mandates, while coping with 40,000 more students,” the Porum Democrat said.
            The education rally, Cannaday added, “was not initiated by ‘unions’ or ‘association...more
Pay Raises for State Officials But Not For Teachers by Representative Mike Brown
February 19th, 2014

~~OKLAHOMA CITY -- It would be unconscionable for pay raises to be approved this year for state elected officials but not for school teachers, Rep. Mike Brown asserted Wednesday.
            Although the Legislature has 2.6 percent less money to spend this year than it appropriated last year, “We could easily afford a teacher pay hike with just a couple of actions that would not require a tax increase,” the Tahlequah Democrat said.
            An across-the-board pay raise for teachers would cost an estimated $230 million, analysts have calculated.

House Democrats Point to GOP Hypocrisy Over Teacher Rally Scheduled March 31st
February 13th, 2014

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 OKLAHOMA CITY – Republican legislators who Tuesday condemned public school teachers that plan to rally at the State Capitol next month were repudiated Wednesday by House Democrats for their blatant hypocrisy.
 “We hear a lot of talk at the State Capitol about local control,” Rep. Curtis McDaniel noted, “but when it comes time to actually let our communities and school districts make choices for themselves, suddenly some members of the majority party condemn them.”
 As a former public school administrator, the Smithville Democ...more
The Passing of Nelson Mandela
December 08th, 2013

December 6, 2013
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Rep. Cannaday’s statement on the passing of Nelson Mandela
PORUM, Okla.- State Rep. Ed Cannaday, D-Porum, issued the following statement on the passing Thursday night of iconic world leader and 1993 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela:
“When I was teaching world history, I used South African writer Alan Paton’s novel Cry, the Beloved Country in my classes. My students and I concluded that the driving principle behind this novel on South Africa under apartheid...more